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Vapourwash the safer alternative to trichloroethylene (Trike)

ultrasonic cleaning chemicals

Vapourwash 701-12 has an R20 classification as apposed to the more harmful R45 of Trike. It has a lower boiling point leading to energy savings, a stable formulation with no acid acceptance producing a longer tank life, no safe container or abatement system required so whilst being safer for the operator and the environment it also gives cost savings in many areas.

Major breakthrough in de-rusting using safe chemicals

ultrasonic cleaning chemical

Vapourwash de-rust is a neutral chemical that is classified as no risk to the operator or the environment it has been developed for the safe removal of rust from Ferrous components. Vapourwash de-rust can be used in standard machines, however where more complicated profiles require precise corrosion removal bespoke units can be designed and supplied. Spectacular results are being achieved in relatively short process times with temperatures not exceeding 55 degrees.

This process is both attractive to small independent operators and larger companies in the automotive and marine/offshore re-manufacturing sectors. A long tank life ensures that Vapourwash de-rust is a commercially viable safe replacement for dangerous Chlorinated Solvents and Caustics.


cleaning chemicals for ultrasonic baths 701-12 R20 A medium to heavy-duty de-greasing formulation that ideally suits enclosed ultrasonic and vapour degreasing equipment. vapourwash


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