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Ultrasonic Solvent Machines - V Series

Solvac™ V1 - Vacuum Degreasing System

The V1 is a compact solvent cleaning system with only a 100cm x 100cm x 100cm footprint that is capable of sub-micron cleaning to a very high specification. The advanced PLC control system can facilitate multiple optional cleaning cycles together with the ability to download and record specific cleaning data.

Basket Sizes:

  • We stock one standard sized systems for customers who require immediate delivery

Typical Application:

  • Rotors
  • Any components that require internal flushing with difficult to reach areas


  • Full immersion pre-clean with ultrasound
  • Full distilled rinse with ultrasound
  • Full high pressure spray function for rapid evacuation of internal capillaries or oil galleries
  • Fully heated vacuum drying
  • Compressed air or nitrogen purging

Although we stock one standard sized unit the majority of our systems are custom made for even greater savings in solvent cost and cleaning efficiency.