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Ultrasonic Aqueous Machines

Our range of advanced multi stage cleaning systems is designed for precision cleaning PSB’s (printed circuit boards) and other components. Its compatibility with all of today’s advanced aqueous chemicals produces a process that delivers unrivalled results and commercially viable solutions to applications where exacting cleaning standards are required.

Reverse Flow Technology

megasonic sweeping

This consists of a series of specially designed and strategically placed jets generating high pressure laminate flow patterns across the surface of PCB’s and other components minimising any shadowing. The Reverse Flow Technology™ quickly and efficiently removes unwanted flux from solder joints and tight capillaries.

Megasonic Sweeping

ultrasonic aqueous machines

Megasonic Sweeping has many advantages over the original megasonics as it eliminates any damage to components caused by uneven power surges that are normally present. Megasonic Sweeping™ produces uniform power distribution throughout the cleaning vessel this eliminates shadowing and masking when removing particulates and produces outstanding cleaning results.

Fast Efficient Drying System

ultrasonic cleaning systems

Fast Efficient Drying System operates by using fast and efficient recirculation of hot air. The air that is at a relatively low temperature is targeted at the component in high volume but at a low pressure. The moisture on the substrate quickly evaporates into the air and is then condensed. The process has proven to dry even the most complex and intricate of devices in under a five-minute cycle.

Aquatronic™ - P Series

The P Series is designed and manufactured with the very latest hi-tech cleaning devices and techniques these advancements have resulted in outstanding levels of cleanliness being achieved in fast process times whether small batches or minimum volumes are required.

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